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       November 2000                                                                                                                      December 2000



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ElectroSex electric sex toy stimulation is an incredible method of sexual stimulation involving the use of low voltage electronic signals to stimulate the nerves in the sexual organs into arousal, erection and intense pleasure followed by unstoppable mind splitting orgasms.

It not only creates a more intense orgasm. It also creates a hands free orgasm. You can basically sit back and enjoy the entire process. Electrosex stimulation orgasms can be far more (physically) pleasurable than those achieved by having conventional sex. Orgasm can be completely controlled, reached faster, or slower.

Orgasms can also be extended to last longer as well. Every aspect of the experience is fully controllable by the user of the technique.

ElectroSex electric sex toy stimulation is essentially the perfect sex partner. In conventional sex multiple orgasms sometimes occur in women, but rarely, if ever, in men. With these techniques multiple orgasms or very prolonged orgasms are possible for men as well as women. The stimulation to the genitals is completely controlled and can be increased at the onset of orgasm, or immediately after initial orgasm, with no effort from the participant.
We fully back our ElectroSex stimulation system. If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied. We refund your money promptly, no questions asked.

If your fetish is bdsm, bondage, electric sex toys, or other electro stimulation you will find the information presented here very useful. Electrosex is here to stay, as are multiple orgasms, masturbation, electro masturbation and electrosex electric sex toy techniques and equipment.


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